Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Synthcake Shoot part deux....(part "UN" still to come)

The first of a two-part shoot with Synthcake's lead singer Lana Pitre. The shoot was meant to be shot in an old house for the projection and sparkle puffs but upon arrival at the house we discovered it was intensely boarded up. Harsh Vibes. So....!  We ended up shooting the whole day outside (those photos still to come!) and rescheduling  the projection and sparkle puffs to another day...Here are the results! xo  

Check out our lovely melodic friends here:

Clothing & Design by Celise Lippold 

A special thank you to Celise Lippold, Mr. Robi Misery and Squid 
With out you guys this two day shoot would not have happened!