Saturday, May 21, 2011


We lost one of our best friends last night. Her name was Winnie, she was our pet mouse. We had Winnie for over a year and 3 months. She was the best little creature out there. She would chirp and squeak at me when i would be sitting at my desk or doing my make up in the mirror just to get my attention to give her a treat, a scratch on the chin or just to get some attention and a little chat. She would twitch and squeak with excitement when ever we would bring her a new toy or a new place to check out. She would run so fast and hard on the wheel that it would send her flying off, but she would hop right back on again as if it were a  carnival ride. Whenever her mate Anna tried to get on the wheel she would get on and try to run the opposite direction just  to be cheeky and piss her off..... She seriously was the best. THE BEST and the funniest little creature ever to be in our lives.......I am proud to have known her.
Mice share some of the same genes as us humans. To me having them as pets is the same as having a dog or a cat. So until you have them and share time with these little guys you might not understand the significance they could have in your life.....